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Poli-Sci 210: Introduction to American Politics
Pol-Sci 220: Introduction to Comparative Politics
Pol-Sci 221: Introduction to Comparative Politics and Research
Pol-Sci 303: Political Behavior

Pol-Sci 357: Western European Politics
Pol-Sci 365: Congress and Parliaments
Poli-Sci 365wi: Congress and Parliaments (Writing Intensive)
Pol-Sci 366: British Politics

UK-KC Blog:
Welcome to the UK-KC blog, where Kansas City students analyze questions about British Politics.   All blog posts, except those flagged by me, are written by UMKC college students in my British Politics course.  Want to know what students in the middle of America can teach us about politics across the Atlantic?  Check it out.

Teaching Awards:
UMKC College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Teaching Award

Political Science Education Publications

Leiter, Debra. 2021. “The Inquiry’s the Thing: Teaching Quantitative Research Without Teaching Statistical Software,” The Palgrave Handbook of Political Research Pedagogy. Edited by Mallinson, Daniel J., Julia Marin Hellwege, and Eric D. Loepp. London: Palgrave Macmillan: 193-204.